Criminal Law

We defend and provide legal advice with regard to white collar crime, fraud and tax evasion charges. Our lawyers and specialists of Dr. Bader & Partner have been dedicated to this task for almost 60 years.

Our specialist lawyers for criminal law have particular expertise and many years of experience in the field of white collar crime, fraud and tax evasion charges.

This includes the defense in a large number of major proceedings with partly well-known defendants from all areas of the German economy and industry. Keywords in this regard are, among others, Siemens or the diesel issue.

We advise and represent companies and corporations as well as private individuals.

Business consulting

  • Corporate defense: We represent companies with regard to regulatory offences and, in the future, with regard to offences under the Corporate Liability Act before investigating authorities and courts.
  • Dawn Raid Support: We accompany you during raids by domestic investigative authorities and the European Commission.
  • Internal Investigations: We assist in the internal review of potential law violations within your company.
  • Compliance: We advise companies on the introduction, adaptation and implementation of compliance systems. Among other things, we provide support in the establishment and implementation of ombudsman offices / whistleblowing hotlines

Defense of individuals

  • Defense: We advise and represent you before all German courts and investigating authorities.
  • Voluntary tax disclosure: We advise you on the option of a voluntary tax disclosure and support you in the execution of the disclosure.
  • Foreign cases: We support you in criminal proceedings abroad

The criminal defense attorneys of the law firm Dr. Bader & Partner have intensive experience in all areas of general criminal law.

Range of services General criminal law

  • Defense and counseling: We advise and represent you in particular on fraud proceedings, drug offenses, bodily injury and homicide offenses, traffic criminal cases and traffic offenses, sexual offenses, as well as other offenses under criminal and misdemeanor law.
  • Legal remedies: We advise you on any form of criminal legal remedies, in particular appeals and revisions
  • Searches: Our activity also includes immediate personal assistance in case of house searches and searches of companies
  • Arrest: In the event of an arrest, we are there for you as quickly as possible and support you here and in the further course of proceedings.
  • Criminal charges and accessory prosecution: We advise and represent you when filing a criminal complaint or in case of accessory prosecution.
  • Execution of sentences: Our support does not end with the criminal sentence. We provide you with comprehensive support in difficult questions of criminal execution law and the consequences in terms of property law. Among other things, this involves matters of parole, prison leave as well as early release requests.